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Road Safety Leaders



Road Safety Role and Responsibilities 

  • To recognise and learn about the importance of road safety
  • To work as a team in finding ideas to educate children about road safety
  • We plan and organise exciting activities and competitions for all children to take part in
  • To listen to each other and be part of a team

September 2022

This was our first meeting of the year.  Today we introduced ourselves and discussed what we thought their role might be.  They decided on some relevant topics that they wanted to focus on through the Autumn term.  This included keeping safe as the darker nights draw in by wearing bright clothes, reflectors and always being with an adult, Encouraging more children to walk so that the congestion outside school reduces and re-teaching all children on the safe way to cross a road.  They decided that they wanted to put together an information presentation that they will deliver to the whole school, 1 year group at a time, and they also decided on a competition that they will launch at the same time.

November 2022

The Road Safety Committee met this week, and they had decided between them that they wanted to create an information poster about road safety.  We discussed that after Christmas they want to present their posters in assembly and set a competition for everyone to create their own road safety poster with the potential of winning some road safety prizes.  They plan on showing their posters as an example, and I'll think you will agree they are amazing and definitely set a high standard for the rest of the school.

January 2023

The Road safety Committee met this week, and we discussed their posters and the important messages that they had covered.  We talk through the main points and discussed what information we would like to give to children as part of our assembly.  They decided that the main themes were:

- The green cross code and how to safely cross the road, including using pedestrian crossing, zebra crossings.

- Clothes to wear that will help drivers to see you when you are crossing the roads

- Ensuring you are with an adult and how adults can help you cross the road.

- and finally to launch our road safety poster competition for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Children have taken an topic each and will go away and write their speech for the Road safety assembly.  We will meet again on Thursday 26 January to go through our information and written scripts and practise for our assembly.

Resources and Games to explore at home

Click on the following links to take part in some games to help remind you how to keep safe.