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PE and Sports Curriculum

See below for our PE and Sports curriculum. For further details about how we spend our sports premium, do look at our Sports Premium page.

At Launde, we want all children to build positive attitudes towards physical activity. Staying physically and mentally fit is essential and we believe this must start from the point the children enter our school and try and provide a range of activities for different year groups to experience this. Sport and PE help children to express themselves and promote self-confidence, through our encouraging and nurturing learning environment. We also aim to give children the opportunity to learn success and failure through sports, to help them become well-rounded individuals. We intend to do this via the following statements:

  1. All pupils should be engaged in regular physical activity on a daily basis, encouraging this to be undertaken inside and outside of school.
  2. To raise the profile of PE and sport, through a collective vision as a school, alongside key stakeholders, such as parents.
  3. Enable staff to become more confident in teaching and assessing PE effectively.
  4. Provide pupils with the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports.
  5. Increased and sustained participation for pupils in competitive sports.