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Happy Lunchtimes

We are continuing with our Happy Lunchtimes this year and we will be announcing our 'Special Lunchbox' winners every week on this page!  The classes that win the 'Special Lunchbox' are the ones with the most pom poms in their jar and they are awarded with 10 mins extra playtime!


Special Lunchbox

This weeks winners are..............

Sunburst and Swithland!  Well done


The Lunchtime staff worked with Steve to help set our goals for lunchtimes, these are:

  • For pupils to show respect to staff, equipment and each other.
  • For pupils to play with kindness and consideration
  • For pupils to show good manners, especially in the dinner hall

Everybody is enjoying the new system, pupils say they enjoy the different activities in the Play Zone and staff have noticed pupils having a go at new games and playing well in groups.


Our Happy Lunchtime System is as follows:

 The Zone – an area of playground will be known as ‘The Zone’. Each day a different activity will take place, drawn from a wide range of activities designed to appeal to differing ‘styles’ of play.


The Zone will be supervised by lunchtime supervisor staff who will determine each day’s activity.  They will ensure the rules are known and respected. 

The Zone is designed to be inclusive – a place where everybody is welcome to come and play. 

The Zone is designed to embed ‘novelty’ into the playground offering.  

Lunchtime supervisors will take it in turns on a rota to plan the daily activity.  This will be put up on a board so pupils know what the game is.  A booklet of activities is available for lunchtime supervisors to get ideas from.

UK Button Stacking competition 


Rules for the Zone

  • Use the equipment in the zone – it can’t be taken out of the zone
  • Everyone can join in  (Children should reply ‘Of course you can’ when asked by another child if they can join in)


The Dining Hall

Staff and pupils want to ensure that the hall is a respectful and pleasant area to eat dinner.   All pupils should show each other and staff good manners and respect while eating.  If the dining hall becomes too noisy a lunchtime supervisor will hold up an orange card to indicate that they want the dining hall to become quieter.  If the noise continues they will hold up a red card which indicates that the children need to be silent for 2 mins so that the lunchtime staff can speak and encourage all children to use quieter voices.


At lunchtime the Lunchtime supervisors will use the following 3 tiered Sanctions:


1 = a QUIET WORD – used when somebody ‘gets carried away’.  This involves telling pupils what is not acceptable without ‘telling them off’.


Lunchtime supervisors will: 1. Listen if a child wants to explain. 2. Remain quiet and calm.  3. Be crystal clear about expectations 4. Leave pupil with a smile.


2 = this is orange behaviour.  This is used when expectations / or school rules have been made clear but the pupil decides not to follow them.  It is deliberate/ pre-meditated misbehaviour.  It becomes 5 minutes ONLY if the pupil is uncooperative or disrespectful to the lunchtime supervisors. 


Lunchtime supervisors will explain what was unacceptable, and the pupil will have a 2-minute time-out accompanied by the staff member quietly.  The pupil will be asked to apologise and reflect on what they did, accept that they were wrong, show respect and take responsibility.  At the end of the reflection period the lunchtime supervisor will end the period positively with a thank you and a smile.


If the pupil refuses to co-operate and show the lunchtime supervisor respect then the lunchtime supervisor will give them a warning.  If you don’t do it now it will be 5 minutes.

If the child still refuses then the reflection period becomes 5 minutes.


3= this is red behaviour eg bullying, racism, violence, swearing, physical violence out right defiance (eg refusing 5 minutes reflection with lunchtime supervisor).   

In this instance, the pupil is sent to the senior leader who is overseeing lunchtime on that day.  The senior leader deals with them according to our school behaviour policy.  The senior member of staff then takes the pupil back to the lunchtime supervisor for the pupil to apologise and spend 2 minutes reflecting with the lunchtime supervisor.


  1. Pom Poms.  Lunchtime supervisors can award poms poms freely for positive behaviour during lunchtime.  Pom poms will be collected in classes. The winning class will be announced on a Friday afternoon and will be awarded a small treat for the following week in the 'Special Lunchbox'.
  2. Certificate – each lunchtime supervisor will nominate a pupil for a special mention in their year group celebration assemblies.  Certificates will include pupil name, staff name and reason for the award.
  3. Top Table – Once every half term the lunchtime supervisors will nominate a pupil each to sit at the ‘top-table’. The table will be decorated. A lunchtime supervisor will also eat with the children on this special table.