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English at Launde


‘My Story: D-Day’

Bryan Perrett

Tell me a little about the story.

Harris:     There’s a character named Andy Pope who wants to prove himself and show everyone how determined he is. People think that he’s a coward and don’t believe in him.

How does the character cope?

Harris:     He’s excited but also nervous as he leads his platoon through the Normandy landings in France.

What made you want to read this book?

Harris:     I really like history and it’s really interesting to me to see the soldiers’ reactions as they were involved in the war. I’m also interested in the tactics that the soldiers might have used in battle.

Why would you recommend this book to other people?

Harris:     It is a really interesting book and it shows people who are very brave and it also shows that anything is possible as well as describing soldiers who fought in the war. 

Poetry Competition Winners 2018

A big thank you to all the fantastic entries in the school poetry competition. It was so great to read through them all and experience the quality of writing from across the school.

KS1 Second Place: Amara – Rainbows End, Zara - Swiftwood

KS2 Second Place: Sienna – Foxton, Amrita – Strath Avon

KS1 First Place: Zach  – Bramblewood

The Cold Blanket

The wonderful winter has finally arrived,

The freezing ground is like a white blanket,

White snow, bright snow, covered with ice,

Snowballs zoom like a white racing car through the cotton wool clouds.

Snowflakes twirl like ballerinas to the ground without a sound,

The blustery breeze travels through the air freezing children’s fingers without any care.

The children dance in the snow so excited,

They cannot feel the cold,

They lay in the white blanket under the rays of the sun that are as yellow as gold.

KS2 First Place: Serena  - Oakwood

Winter Wonderland

The sky is dark and the ground is white,

The world is peaceful on this wintry night,

There are strange and mysterious sounds,

When the winds of winter blow.

The long nights are crystal clear and cold and the fields are covered in snow!

The stars are now snowflakes falling swiftly,

 And the wind is a howling whistle,

And the snow is pouring onto the houses and drifting against the hill.

The winter spreads the sparkling white sheets.

I like to see, during the winter, a white carpet on the ground.

I like to walk in the white snow and like to bundle up in warm, cosy boots,

Watching a full moon rise over the sunset,

Showing a winter wonderland so beautiful and bright.


Welcome to our new Literacy page. Each week, there will be information on the Literacy goings on around the school. We will be looking at what children from different classes are focusing on as well as any updates from ‘Reading Eggs’, school competitions and other news.

Happy reading.

Mr Woodhead

Reading Eggs

Throughout the week, class teachers will be handing out login details for your child. At school, the children will be completing an initial placement test which automatically provides the child with a reading level consistent with the ‘Reading Eggs’ programme.

Further details to follow. 

Launde Poetry Competition 2018

The theme for this year’s poetry competition is winter. The poem can be humorous or serious and the type of poem is entirely up to the child. It could be a Haiku, an Acrostic, a Couplet, a Free Verse or even a Limerick. Encourage the children to be as creative as possible.

As with all good competitions there will be prizes. The author of the first placed poem will receive a £10 book voucher and there will be two second placed prizes, each receiving a £5 book voucher. The winners will get the chance to read their poems in their respective Key Stage assembly. The winners of this competition will be revealed on the following Tuesday, 6th February.

The winning entry from Key Stage 1 and 2 will also have their poem displayed on this page.

Grammar and Punctuation

The following guides are a useful tool to help your child with the grammar and punctuation aspects of the English curriculum. There are suggestions of what questions you could ask based around activities you can do at home.

There is a booklet for each phase of the primary curriculum with objectives that most children should be able to achieve by the end of each year. Browse through the booklets for a variety of tasks, questions and activities.

In addition, there is an easy to use guide to the sort of grammar and punctuation conventions that your children will come across before they reach Year 6.


At Launde, we are going to be teaching our children how to use a continuous cursive handwriting style to support their learning. There has been a lot of research which has identified the benefits of joining letters from an early age particularly to support fluency of writing and spellings.

We are lucky enough to be working closely with a company who have spent many years working on resources for children.

They have put together a personalised online site together for us to help show parents how each of the letters are joined. There are several ways of joining some of the letters so do watch the videos to see the way we are using at our school. It also includes a special sitting song as posture is also very important.

Their website along with free resources is: