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School Council

Launde Primary School Council meet regularly to help ensure the school is the best it can be. Pupils from each Year 2 - Year 6 class are nominated by each class to represent them at the meetings.We like working with children from different year groups, as part of our 'Launde family'.

Latest meeting information:

5/5/21 In our meeting today we discussed the different things that the children are enjoying about our school since being back from remote learning period.

The children said they enjoy school and feel that their teachers give them examples and support them in their learning - this is good to know! They are enjoying having their teachers to teach them in the classroom as they help them lots. The lessons that the School Council are particularly enjoying are science, art, writing and history as these are much better with a teacher face to face rather than remotely.

We discussed ideas that the children felt they wanted to keep going next year. The children said they liked the individual pencil cases, the hand sanitizers on the school buildings and seeing the cleaners during the day cleaning the door handles, light switches and toliets. 

In our meeting we discussed ideas and issues that their classmates wanted to discuss. We talked about playtimes. Year 2 would like a bin for their rubbish in Willow Walk and Year 6 would like another bin on the playground. Ms Priddey will ask the Premises Officers to get onto this. 

The children are going to remind their classes about the importance of making sure any wrappers go in the bin as well as looking after all the playground equipment that the children are enjoying playing with at the moment.

The children wanted a reminder to their parents about wearing face masks by the school putting more signs around the school as they felt this was important part of keeping them safe.

19/5/21 In our meeting we discussed playtimes. The children shared what they enjoyed which included the new playground markings and equipment. They didn't like the fact that some equipment is already getting lost. The children agreed that they would remind the children about looking after equipment and asked for some more to be ordered. They were pleased with the bins that are now in place.

9/6/21 Today we talked about the importance of looking after ourselves in the heat and the message we should share with the classes about remembering to dress correctly with sun hats, sun cream and named water bottles. The School Council agreed to remind the classes that they can come in school uniform but short-sleeved uniform to keep them cool. We also discussed that unfortunately due to current guidelines, parent won't be able to come to sports day, but we will be holding sports day, so the children can still enjoy this annual event.

The children reported back that they have noticed a difference with equipment now being looked after so decided it would be good to thank the classes and encourage them to keep up the good work!

School Council Roles and Responsibilities

Our School Council’s roles and responsibilities:

  •  We are the voice of our peers.
  • We investigate the likes and dis-likes of our peers about our school.
  • We come up with new ideas to improve our school.
  • We plan and organise fun activities, visits and events for our school.
  • We work alongside adults such as Ms Priddey and the Governors to put forward new ideas and plan improvements for our school.