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School Council

Launde Primary School Council meet regularly to help ensure the school is the best it can be. Pupils from each Year 2 - Year 6 class are nominated by each class to represent them at the meetings.We like working with children from different year groups, as part of our 'Launde family'.

2/10/19 We held our first meeting with Ms Priddey. We discussed the new hall and how it will help with indoor PE sessions and whole school assemblies. The children said term had started well. The children wanted the following items on the agenda for next time: recycling in school, more benches for the playground for packed lunches.

25/10/19 In the meeting, Ms Priddey asked us what we would like to do to raise funds for Children In Need. We discussed stalls run by children and asked for milkshakes to be sold again this year. The theme will be animals. Ms Priddey asked the children to ask the classes for different ideas of how we can make a difference to the world we live in. The children has some ideas themselves such as reducing food waste at lunchtime, having recycling bins in the playground. 

5/11/19 In the meeting the children shared ideas from their classes about recycling and helping the environment. Ms Priddey has asked the company that organise lunches to come and talk to us. We talked about telling our classes to keep safe as it is November 5 today and remind them about the messages that the policeman told us when he visited a few weeks ago. We are also going to remind our classes that Poppies are being sold for a suggested donation of 50p and that Active month this month is RUNNING! The MDA's have asked us to remind children to tidy away playground equipment at lunchtimes as there is often not much left for lunchtimes and it isn't looked after.

16/1/20 We said Happy New Year to each other. The children have enjoyed starting back to school and shared all the different things they have been learning. Ms Priddey told the children about the visit she has had from the Rotary Club in Oadby and their project to encourage children to look after the local environment. The children were keen to be involved and tell their classes about the project. They are also going to remind their classes about the PTA disco next week. Tickets are £2 from the office. There was a discussion about looking after equipment at break and lunchtimes and how this too can help look after the environment by not wasting equipment. 

25/2/20 Our School Council met the Safeguarding Governor and Safeguarding Trustee. They were completing an audit of the school and as part of this questioned the children about how they feel safe in school. The children said the questions were easy! They enjoyed chatting about their school.

4/3/20 In our meeting today we discussed all about our school. The children came up with two sentences about their school that has been sent to the Leicestershire Children and Family Service. This is what the children came up with:

'Our school is fun and full of opportunities to learn a sport, be on stage and develop all of our talents. We learn lots as our teachers help us and find out the importance of helping others and never giving up!'

The children said they enjoy school and feel that their teachers give them examples and support them in their learning - this is good to know!

In our meeting we discussed possible film choices for the children for film night. These will be given to the PTA leaders to help them choose popular films. The children also wrote down some of the events that are happening in school this term and wanted to tell the children to look after school equipment used at break times too.

School Council Roles and Responsibilities

Our School Council’s roles and responsibilities:

  •  We are the voice of our peers.
  • We investigate the likes and dis-likes of our peers about our school.
  • We come up with new ideas to improve our school.
  • We plan and organise fun activities, visits and events for our school.
  • We work alongside adults such as Ms Priddey and the Governors to put forward new ideas and plan improvements for our school.