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Parent Officer

My role as Parent Officer involves forging strong links between school and home in order to develop strong parent partnerships.  Ultimately, the main aims are to enhance learning and raise attainment, as well encouraging resilience and supporting children with their mental wellbeing. I help pupils and families to understand the learning process, explain up-to-date curriculum requirements and assist with a variety of other issues.

I organise monthly coffee mornings where we discuss relevant issues such as: healthy lifestyles, current school pedagogy and key parent worries such as bedtime routines, homework and packed lunch ideas to name just a few. I also invite local professionals in such as the school nurse or local police to share their expertise on other topics. Of course, we welcome ideas from parents for future workshops and coffee mornings, too. 

In addition, it is my responsibility to organise one-to-one training and workshops for parents as and when needed. These sessions are mainly about helping children with their maths, reading or writing at home.

During parents' evenings and other school functions, I will be there to help when necessary. I also carry out home visits as these can be vital to build links between home and school. 

For our older pupils, I liaise with the high schools and assist in setting up additional transition for children who need an individualised programme.

I also assist with school fundraising and attending PTA meetings.

To keep you informed on the latest events and issues, I produce parents' newsletters and also maintain a noticeboard to effectively communicate vital information.

I am more than happy to assist and help you with any queries or concerns that you may have, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I will regularly be available to talk to you in the playground before and after school.  Alternatively, you can contact me via the school office on: 0116 271 2261 or email

Claire Groenewald
Parent Officer