Online Zone

Online learning can be accessed from home.

Each year group has their own learning folder where the teachers will put work and activities for the children to complete while they are at home. There is a timetable format to help you organise the day at the bottom of this page for you to use. We know routines are very important for children - and will help you juggle your own tasks too hopefully helping all family members adjust to the new routines. 

The OneDrive system allows children to see the documents however they are not able to fill anything in online. The child can read the work on the screen and record the answers on a piece of paper or writing pad.
Each year group has their own OneDrive. In each OneDrive, we have put a covering letter to explain the process and there are folders of work for each week. 
Please could you try to access this as soon as possible and let the office know if you have any problems so that we can help.
Instructions for the OneDrive
At home: 1. Open a browser window and navigate to
2. You will be presented with a login screen
3. Enter the same details that your child would log on to a computer at school. 
Password is lower case y and the year group e.g. y2
Foundation password is 'cat'
4. You will be presented with the Rmunify Launchpad.
5. Click the ‘OneDrive’ box. Or ‘my files’ button.
6. On the next screen, on the left hand side, there is a button called ‘shared with me’. Click that.
7. You should now see a folder. Click on it.
8. You should now see any work that has been left by your teachers. On the file you wish to download, right click and press ‘download’.
We do hope you find this useful. On the OneDrive, we have also put our school posters about E-Safety there as children will be using computers more and we want them to be safe.
In our weekly updates, we will give you more advice and support on activities that you can do with your children however we are aware that there are going to be a considerable amount of educational material through the BBC, both television and website. We are currently looking at other resources that will support you in the day to day activities.


Internet Safety

We hope that you enjoy using the Internet, and have fun. Please remember to use the Internet safely and make sure that your parents know which websites you are visiting.

Here are some SMART rules to help you:

Never open any emails or reply to emails from strangers. If you aren't sure, tell an adult.

NEVER give your address, telephone number to someone else, especially strangers

Don't agree to meet up with anyone without telling your parents.

If someone sends you an email that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult.

If you see a website that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable, tell an adult.

Ask permission before entering a competition or contest.

Always ask permission before downloading anything from the Internet.