***Wed 29 June - Foundation Stage Sports Afternoon postponed due to waterlogged field. ***

***New date Thurs 7 July 1.30pm***

***Thur 30 June - KS1 Sports Afternoon postponed***

*** New Date Tuesday 12 July 1.30 pm ***


Welcome To Launde Primary School.


Launde is a successful school which aims to meet the needs of all children and there is dedicated team of staff who work extremely hard to achieve this aim. The school site is constantly being developed and there are a number of outdoor projects that are in the process of being completed.  The children have previously developed wildlife and outdoor activity areas. Class teachers are responsible for the children’s welfare and delivery of the curriculum. Work is planned jointly, in year group of generally three teaching staff with close liaison, communication and support from our teaching assistants.

During planning, the year group staff share the preparation of work, drawing on different experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure work is relevant and well matched to meet the needs of the children.  In this way, we are able to utilise the strengths of a large staff team and enhance the quality of learning and teaching at Launde.

Miss Inderjit Sandhu OBE

Executive Head Teacher    

 Attendance Cup 2015-2016

Awarded to:

6 June - 10 June  - KS1 Poppyfield and Bramblewood, KS2 Striding Top and Strath Avon - these four classes had 100% attendance for the week.

13 June - 17 June - KS1 Stepping Stones, Fourfold, Oakwood and Bramblewood, KS2 Speedwell - all had 100% attendance.

20 June - 14 June - KS1 Swiftwood (99.3%), KS2 Rosewood (99.3%)





Bad Weather Procedure

In the event of severe weather conditions please phone the school and listen to the message of the day.  This will be updated regularly.  Parents will also be texted in the event of school closure.